Oasis Validation Issues

From CMS to NAHC

“We have received a lot of feedback from HHAs regarding the OASIS Final Validation reports and the iQIES team is actively working to resolve multiple issues with the data that is displayed on these reports.  The design issue with the report makes it difficult for users to actually determine exactly why their submissions are rejected when multiple errors with the submission has occurred.  Many providers also referenced the 30 day late rejection error when, in fact, the rejection error was related to a different issue.  There is a 30-day beyond the assessment target date late warning edit in the OASIS technical specifications but it should not result in the rejection of an assessment.  The data display/alignment of the report makes it difficult to track the actual error that caused the assessment to be rejected. We have also received feedback that data overall was missing from the validation reports. Again, the team is working to address these issues.”

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